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Update on Theater Opening

We are definitely reopening, but when is still a mystery but not a fun one like KNIVES OUT.

1. Maine has allowed theaters to reopen with a maximum 50 attendees per show. We are anxious to have you all back as our safe and thoroughly entertained guests.

2. We believe we have stocked up enough cleaning supplies to resume operations with enhanced sterilization procedures.

3. When we do come back we will have a strict "No Mask, No Service" policy in common areas (lobby, restrooms, etc). You are welcome to remove your mask while seated six feet apart from others inside the auditoriums. We don't want to be Mask Police, but it's the way of the world now. We will not be giving out masks, so you must bring your own.

4. We will be taking temperatures of our staff and patrons using a forehead thermometer. Those who have over 100° will not be admitted.

5. We will not have designated seating areas; instead we will leave the lights on before the feature starts so people may safely sit six feet apart in family groups in places of their choosing. Only two parties may sit in the balcony on either side of the aisle. Those who come in late will be assigned seating.

6. We will not be selling tickets from the ticket counter; all sales will be at concessions. We will have a dedicated Safety Monitor to enforce mask use, perform temperature checks, give seating guidance, and achieve continuous cleaning.

7. There are no new big Hollywood movies coming out until Labor Day weekend with TENET (knock wood). We will not be opening earlier to show older movies because in the past they have done poorly. Theaters in other areas attempting this are seemingly not drawing enough to cover costs.

8. When we come back we will not offer popcorn toppings other than butter; we will give out individually wrapped salt packets for those who want them or salting at the counter for you.

9. On select weekends we are selling 4 gallon bags of fresh hot popcorn for $10 and slushies. Check our website, marquee, Instagram, and Facebook for the dates.

10. Thanks so much for being our customers in the past. We miss you keenly. I hope you are all safe and secure and will remain so until this horrid situation passes.



  • Wednesday night is Free Popcorn when you bring your own bowl.
  • Thursday is bargain night. All seats $6
  • Matinee price (shows starting before 4 pm): $7 for all ages