Grin and Bear It

Somedays you get the bear. Other days, well, Yogi, Cindy, & Boo-Boo, Baloo, Smokey, King of the Grizzlies, Fozzie, the Coke Polar Bear, Winnie-the-Pooh, Paddington, Ted, Gentle Ben, Sugar, all the Care Bears, Teddy Ruxpin, the entire Family Berenstain, Br'er Bear, Kung Fu Panda, a whole case of Gummies, Iorek Byrnison, State O' Maine, and Tony the Tiger (just for good measure) all line up to give you a good and thorough beating. This was one of *those* days.

In case you missed the recent news, WONDER WOMAN '84 left on an invisible jet plane from its former spot in early October all the way to funky Christmas Town, so we are back to having nothing of moment to run. Yes, there may be a few films that a smattering of you would like us to mount on your community cinema screens, they would not garner us enough to break even or match what we'd spend closed. So we must look to the long view.

We are taking another disheartening intermission.

We will be back, never you fear, just not this weekend. We will go back to selling FIVE BUCK BUCKETS every other Saturday, commencing with the 26th of September.

Thanks to those who came to our theater during this brief stint back. We have no regrets taking a chance with you as our loyal patrons and are very eager to do so once again, hopefully soon.

Until then please stay safe.



  • Wednesday night is Free Popcorn when you bring your own bowl.
  • Thursday is bargain night. All seats $6
  • Matinee price (shows starting before 4 pm): $7 for all ages