Frequently Asked Questions

- Doors open ½ hour before the first show.  

- We take Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover.

- We sell gift cards in any denomination for the movie buff on your list.


The Temple Cinema on the north side of Market Square is one of the oldest continuously operated movie theatres in the great State Of Maine. 

Opening in 1919, the theatre was built with a conjured style of grandeur featuring a central lobby with terrazzo floors, an attractive ticket booth with a curved glass front and glitzy brass railings.

In the 1980s, the single screen theatre was split with the construction of a wall down the center of the auditorium in order to provide greater film title offerings.

The theatre was further modernized in 2002 with new cinema seating, sound systems, carpeting, paint and paper.  But every opportunity to save original fixtures was taken. This is evident in the lobby lighting fixtures, interior stained glass and wood work.

Then in 2014 the Temple Theatre went digital with a full conversion to modern digital projection and state of the art digital sound.

In April of 2016, Houlton native Charlie Fortier purchased the Temple Cinema.


We want to improve your viewing experience by reiterating some basic rules and common courtesies.

Most of you visit the Temple Cinema to enjoy the movies and relax. There are some among you, however, who think that they are meant to be part of the show or feel the need to jibber-jabber all through the film. We are making a serious effort to curtail this from happening.

We are not referring to little kids that have a tough time not blurting out stuff during our delightful animated features or laughs, gasps, crying, or other basic sounds that a truly good movie wrings out of you. Or even the very soft whispers to the person in the seat next to you for “What did she say?” or “I want that for Christmas”. You all know what we're talking about. The annoying and persistent chatter that doesn’t even try to be discreet, the talking back to the characters on the screen, or shouting out silly jokes that are never funny.

If someone is annoying you by doing any of these things, please let us know, and we will warn the perpetrators once, and if they persist we will invite them to leave the theater immediately (without a refund, I might add).

We now patrol the theaters and listen for such behavior. The other thing we will be looking for are cell phone screens. There are signs posted on the doors and warnings in the opening trailers, so if we see a screen flash you will be using the cell out on the sidewalk three minutes later to call someone to pick you up early because you were gently tossed out for breaking the rules -- without a refund. We know from personal experience how aggravating it is to be watching a movie, waiting on the edge of your seat for the evil nun with all the teeth to pop out when a loud beep-beep sounds, and a girl whips out her high brightness cell, and starts typing away, oblivious to the disruption.

We ask your patience because of the added disturbance while we enforce the heretofore unwritten rules of common movie etiquette. We are kinda uncomfortable with confrontation, but we are going to make an effort to get past that to keep the place enjoyable for everyone. 

We really do not want to eject anyone, but we will if we have to.

If you feel this is unfair, we invite you to write to us. If there are enough of you who prefer to sit though noisy movies we can schedule some shows now and then for selected features when you can be as boisterous as you feel you must all together where you won’t be bothering other people.

Just to add on some other pretty basic stuff: there are no weapons of any kind allowed in the theater. We reserve the right to inspect any backpack or large bag. Alcohol is banned from inside the cinema as is smoking. 

We hope this all will keep the Temple Theater fun for everyone. If there is anything else we can do, please feel free to contact us.