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Temple Cinema

Ticket Prices: 

Child (under 13) $6

Adults (13+) $8

Senior (65+) $7

NEW: Hero Discount $7

(Valid for active military, law enforcement,

fire fighters, and nurses. Please show ID.)

Matinee price (shows starting before 4 pm):

$7 for all ages

Dear Everyone --

We are definitely reopening, likely in early August (knock wood). I haven't written about our reopening as I was hoping to do so when there was a date certain, but certainty is not in stock this year, so here goes a bunch of If/Then guesses at what we hope is the halfway point.

  1. As of this writing (and in my understanding) the Maine CDC has determined that it would not be safe for resuming mass-participant venue events like churches, sporting events, and theaters until August 1st, though that may vary for rural and, so far, low rates of cases such as in the Greater Houlton area. We are monitoring this closely as we are anxious to have you all back as our safe and thoroughly entertained guests.

  2. The all-clear would have to include the removal of the restriction on wearing masks. As those who know about the theater business will tell you, we do not make much of our money on tickets; the bulk of the net profits are derived from concessions which are difficult to enjoy with a mask on. Also we don't want to be "mask police" to our customers.

  3. We would need there to be a ready supply of cleaning products from our distributors sufficient for enhanced cleaning of the auditoriums; we would run out of the stuff we have in stock in three or so weeks. While TP is coming back slowly, disinfectant wipes and the like are wicked scarce in bulk.

  4. There are no new big Hollywood movies coming out until July 17th with TENAT followed by MULAN on the 24th. If we get the all clear early we may open and exhibit older classic films or those that were in the pipeline before we shutdown. However, we are concerned that this option would not provide enough revenue to cover the ongoing operational overheads in an already challenging year. From what we've seen in States that are open and in prior experiments (RIO BRAVO) this seems to not work well. But we can explore this together if it is safe to open sooner.

  5. At some point before full opening for showing films, if there is enough interest, we might try selling popcorn, snacks, and gift cards on Fridays and Saturdays like others are doing with stringent restrictions. If you are hankering for fresh hot movie popcorn and our other offerings, please let us know that you would be willing to come by and pick some up, in a line, willingly wearing a mask. We live to serve.

Thanks so much for being our customers in the past. We miss you keenly. I hope you are all safe and secure and will remain so until this horrid situation passes.

The anchor of the historic Houlton downtown district, the Temple Cinema offers the latest first-run films in a nostalgic atmosphere. Enjoy big screen, family fun five days a week.


  • Wednesday night is Free Popcorn when you bring your own bowl.
  • Thursday is bargain night. All seats $6
  • Matinee price (shows starting before 4 pm): $7 for all ages
  • We have capability for video projection, so keep us in mind for birthdays, business, or other functions.


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