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The Temple Theater Is Up For Sale!

The Temple Theatre is listed with Northen Maine Realty realtor Greg Miller. Call Greg at 207-532-0900 or 207-694-2064 or email at mainerealty@gmail.com

The historic Market Square property: including the Temple Theatre, the Temple building, Zippy’s seasonal restaurant and take out, and the large parking lot which overlooks the Meduxnekeag River is available for purchase.

The theatre was fully renovated in 2002 from the basement up. Concessions, restrooms, theatres, carpeting, lighting, walls, counters, projection equipment, etc. were all renovated or replaced. Most of the “front of the house”(public space) equipment and facilities is in “brand new” condition. New screens, seating, speakers, details, and some projection and sound equipment were installed to make the theatre going experience enjoyable and professional. Dolby sound was added in 2009.

The theatre building is the heart of downtown Houlton’s historic Market Square and with the parking lot has nearly 500 feet of frontage directly on the Square.

The Temple Theatre re-opened on November 1, 2002 to rave reviews and higher than expected attendance. The theatre has consistently exceeded projections and does well. As a two screen theatre we show the best of first run films. We can’t “open” them all but if it was big in the world it will be big in Houlton. There is room to add one more screen in our “backstage” area.

In 2003 we purchased the adjacent “Key Bank” parking lot. In 2004 we purchased the Masonic Temple building from our landlords; the Masonic Lodge. The building purchase includes the 2nd floor with over 6500 square feet of rental/lease office space including an owners/managers apartment. The 3rd floor of the Temple building is privately owned in condominium arrangement with the Masonic Temple Lodge Assoc. The purchases combined the parking lot, the building, and the theatre business into one large and significant property.

In 2008 we opened “Zippy’s” a casual outdoor dining and take out restaurant (see photos). Zippy's has added a great dimension to our property and Houlton.

In 2008 we sold the back portion of our property to Coastal Enterprises and they are building a beautiful 28 unit senior housing facility. (See photo)

The 2nd floor office space is now fully leased. There is also a new 7 room apartment occupied by our manager.

In 2008-09 we added 18” of insulation in our roof to conserve on heat, replaced one of our boilers with a brand new boiler and added new efficiency controls, added energy conservation applications throughout the building, and replaced the 3rd floor windows with new energy efficient windows.

The property extends to a point high above the Meduxnekeag River edge and has a commanding view of the river, the exciting new Houlton pedestrian bridge, the Riverfront Park, and River Walk project. There is great potential for further commercial or residential development on the property.

The building, leased office space, theatre, restaurant, and parking lot real estate is offered separately or in whole. The building, theatre, and apartment/office space is available separately. Entire property and businesses including Zippy's $349,000.00. Entire property not including Zippy's is $299,000.00. Buyers interested in purchasing the property fully leased: please ask to discuss lease terms.

Partial financing is available. Further reduction in price available if entire property is not purchased.

Qualified inquiries only please. Full financial disclosure will be provided. Please contact:

Michael Hurley 800-545-8956 Write: 93 Maine Street, Belfast, Maine 04915

Click Here for a video tour of the Temple! (YouTube)
Click Here for a photo tour of the Temple!

What’s included?

  • Fully running two screen movie theatre
  • Seasonal restaurant
  • Fully leased 6500 Sq. ft of office and apartment
  • Large parking lot
  • A great staff
  • Full fire alarm system
  • Training, assistance, film booking, and consulting is included and available to assist new owners as they take over operations.
  • “First Run” status established with every major national film company.
  • Two theatres with 200 seats each.
  • New screens and curtains
  • 400 New Seating Concepts seats in two theatres
  • Two 35 mm projectors, one film platter, and two complete Dolby sound systems: complete projection booth.
  • One video projector ceiling mounted
  • Newly painted throughout.
  • All new emergency lighting
  • Two balconies.
  • Brass railings
  • All new restrooms
  • Brass ceiling fans.
  • New fixtures
  • New hot water heater.
  • 3 story classic downtown building
  • One brand new boiler and one recently installed with new efficiency controls.
  • Classic restored décor.
  • New marquee signage.
  • 6500 square foot of 2 nd floor office rentals and apartment.
  • Residential possibilities.
  • New carpeting and aisle lighting.
  • Restored original lighting
  • All new concession stand equipment including popcorn machine, buttering machine,cooler, microwave, nachos, nut warmer, coffee maker, ice machine, etc.
  • Computerized ticketing and concession sales with RTS ticketing software
  • Over five years of certified operations.
  • Complete architectural plans for theatre expansion.
  • Projections for current operation and expanded operations.
  • Lockable storage in concession area.
  • Private office.
  • Newly insulated roof
  • Office equipment including back office computer, copier, answering machines fax machine, etc.
  • Employee restroom.
  • Ample storage.
  • “Zippy’s” seasonal eatery and take out with all equipment including freezers and storage facilities.
  • Large paved parking lot.
  • Overlooks the new Houlton pedestrian bridge and River walk Park.
  • 800 foot of Meduxnekeag River frontage.
  • Property surveyed
  • Southern exposure.
  • Large lot has room for new commercial or residential construction.
  • Located on historic Market Square.
  • Building has full fire sprinkler system.
  • Private group booking and underwritten Holiday programs underway
  • Great sunsets!
  • Next to the CEI senior housing.

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